Hindu Rashtra Dal

hindu rashtra dal banner

What the Hindu Rashtra Dal believes in

  1. A strong and united Hindustan, comprising India, "Bangladesh" and Nepal.
  2. A powerful and self-reliant military of the people
  3. Compulsory military service for all adults
  4. Elimination of so-called Westminster democracy from India
  5. The abolition of man-worship and idol-worship throughout Hindustan
  6. Constant struggle against all forms of imperialism, eg. Hindi-imperiialism.
  7. Compulsory nationalisation of core industries / sectors
  8. An end to all forms of exploitation of man by man, eg. Capitalism, Fascism etc..
  9. An exponential wealth tax to regulate economic disparities in Hindustan
  10. An end to police and judicial tyranny.

List of topics in this website.

  1. Hindi Imperialism