Hindi Imperialism and this useless Prime Minister Narendra Modi

CPGRAMS PMOPG/E/2020/0062928 dt. 06/02/2020

One Ms. Sarika Santosh Narvekar Patane wrote a grievance to the Prime Minister demanding primacy to the mother tongue of Indians instead of Hindi, English, French and German language imperialism now prevalent in the country where children are made to study Hindi, French and German instead of their mother tongue because of illogical and parsimonious Central Govt policies. She made an impassioned argument for an overhaul in the current education system.

"It’s not necessary to take education in international language only, but instead of that if we learn things in our own mother tongue then we can understand better and also express this through other language in better way. Then that person will know the proper knowledge of how to handles the right situation at the right time. The only way to make children aware and this is purpose to provide education. Every child build through such education will take every decision which will be more beneficial for whole nation; regardless of any opposition."

The Prime Minister of India completely ignored Ms. Sarika Santosh Narvekar Patane and instead some very junior section officer in the Samagra Shiksha, D/o SE and L at Shastri Bhawan dismissed her grievance with a sneering bureaucratic 1 line reply.

The Hindu Raksha Dal, having taken cognisance of this matter, hereby calls upon Mr. Narendra Modi to develop a sense of shame, if not humility. Our Bharatiya naris cannot be insulted this way in Hindustan only because the RSS inowadays seems to be a gaggle of cackling queers, like their idol Vivekananda.